The House Beautiful Whole Home project challenges the definition of home, taking it from a place to hang your hat to a sanctuary of self-care.

Could a house really help you live longer? That is the idea behind the Whole Home project from House Beautiful—a home in Atlanta built from the ground up and meticulously designed to inspire healthy living, a happy outlook and a respite from the chaos of life today.

With guidance from a dedicated team of professionals—including a builder, architect and multiple designers—this home was built expressly around people’s needs. Physical, mental and social well-being take a front seat and are realized in creative ways, from a kitchen engineered to inspire healthy eating and a no-excuses fitness space, to a homey living room to inspire more family gatherings and opportunities to take in nature and views from every room.

Though we’d love to spend time in just about any room in this unique home, there are a few spaces that stand out as particularly happiness-inducing.

Whole Home Living Room With Accordion Doors

Light-Filled Living Room

Designed for family gatherings and quiet conversations, this living room is flanked by opportunities to take in the view and connect with nature. The lines between indoor and outdoor are luxuriously blurry thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive Ultimate Bi-Fold door from the Marvin Signature Collection.

Whole Home Floor to Ceiling Windows in Office.jpg

A New Way of Working

Forget a dark basement home office or an impromptu space carved out of a kitchen or dining room. The Whole Home’s office lets light fuel productivity with a unique configuration of Modern Direct Glaze windows from the Marvin Signature Collection that spans from floor all the way up to the tall, airy ceilings. Though a beautiful summer day might beckon during business hours, we can’t imagine a more beautiful place for the daily grind.

Whole Home Fitness Area.jpg

An Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Experience

Sometimes motivation for wellness is all about easy access. This home gym brings ample natural light and bright, energizing colors for an in-home workout that’s anything but boring. With double hung Marvin windows that look more like doors, it would be easy to imagine cycling through the French countryside from the comforts of your own home.

Getting Ready but Staying Relaxed

Getting out of bed in the morning might be a little easier with a relaxing routine to start the day. We can imagine soaking in this tub and taking in the fall foliage through the Marvin Double Hung windows, or perfecting makeup in the extra flattering sunlight in this bedroom space.

For a full tour of this home turned everyday sanctuary, visit

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