Master renovators and stars of HGTV’s Property Brothers: Buying and Selling embrace a high-contrast white and black color palette for their signature home transformations. 

Jonathan and Drew Scott—better known as The Property Brothers—have a penchant for creating dramatic transformations with simple color palettes that walk the line between trendy and timeless. In a few of their most recent renovations, from modern farmhouse to transitional style, black and white in equal measure prove to be the perfect partners to create crisp lines and bold accents.

When durability is a must and projects move quickly, the brothers have turned to windows and doors from the Marvin Elevate Collection for a bold aesthetic, lasting durability and a reliable delivery timeline. For several of their most recent projects, Drew and Jonathon were among the first to gain access to the new black painted interior finish and sleek matte black hardware, now available on all Elevate windows, swinging doors and the sliding French patio door.

With a factory finish, projects can move to completion quicker by eliminating the need to paint on-site. Window and door parts are finished with a prime and paint system before they’re assembled—ensuring complete coverage and a finished seal. Our labor and time-saving factory painted black interior finish is now available across all of our product lines.

As bold black with matte hardware and accents continue to trend from appliances to technology to automotive, we take a look at some of Drew and Jonathon’s recent interpretations of this lasting trend.

Sometimes, it is all black and white

This bold transformation proves that you don’t need a colorful palette to achieve a striking look. The addition of some much needed contrast to a previously all-white kitchen creates instant dimension. This kitchen uses fresh white and pops of black in the windows, pendant lighting and cabinet hardware. Other than a few organic accents in the form of a fiddle leaf fig plant or the beginnings of a healthy dinner, the palette is intentionally muted to let the black accents make their mark.

A farmhouse goes bright with black

Although we’re the first to say we love natural wood in a space—our Elevate Collection is now available with a clear coat finish that lets the beauty of the wood shine through—the “before” on this farmhouse was a little overwhelming and doesn’t pay off the energizing effects of sunlight in the space. With a fresh coat of white paint, the log walls become a calming backdrop for a unique twist on a black window—a mixed finish with white trim and a black sash and frame for a sleek, modern effect.

Let there be light, and dark

For an entryway that was once closed off and drab, bringing in more light and a view to the outdoors through a dark frame was just the answer. An Elevate Swinging French Door with our factory-applied dark finish opens this space up and pairs perfectly with the contrast of the black and white tiled floor. The custom grille pattern that tops the door adds visual interest while allowing maximum light flow that can make a small space appear bigger.

Back in black for a contemporary overhaul

The light and views in this home might not have needed any transforming, but by replacing a more traditional stained wood look with sleek black interior finish and reconfiguring the window grilles to add style and interest with a clear view, the look was elevated to match the Property Brothers’ vision for a more contemporary home. Heavy wood blinds are swapped for bright white curtains, warmer beige walls are painted a crisp white and matte black curtain rods are used to reinforce black as a design element in the space.

As the ultimate basics, black and white might not be new additions to a designer’s color palette, but the rising popularity of dark interior window finishes and rooms like these that make black and white their defining features show that top designers and remodelers can agree in the power of clean lines and bold contrast.

Stay tuned to this season of Property Brothers: Buying and Selling to see the full reveal of these and other projects.

Posted by:Marvin

Marvin is a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated business, headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota, with more than 5,500 employees across 15 cities in North America. The Marvin portfolio of products for builders, architects and homeowners is designed to provide exceptional solutions for any project with a focus on creating better ways of living. Marvin products are distributed nationally through a network of independent dealers and are also exported internationally. Visit to learn more.

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