A gallery of modern art becomes inspiration for a beach home that’s anything but typical.

For the owners of the Surf Gallery House on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, their contemporary style was just as important as having all of the comforts and amenities of beach-front living. They wanted the exterior to blend well with the surrounding beach community, while at the same time reflecting their modern aesthetic and need for both solo and social time. Ideally, their home would be practical for just the two of them, but would also comfortably fit visiting friends and family.

Surf Gallery Exterior Day.jpg

Ultimately, their plan diagram mimicked some of the characteristics of nearby older homes, but with attention to detail and material choices that would bring the contemporary vibe they craved.

Surf Gallery Bedroom Views.jpg

In addition to the usual elements of a beach home—spaces to enjoy views, breezes and water—they wanted their home to function as a gallery for their beautiful collection of modern art. A long and wide EastWest-oriented gallery connects guest spaces to the main body of the house and delivers a constant stream of Northern sunlight. All lighting and mechanical systems were specially designed to not only function as a residence, but also properly display and protect the collection.

Surf Gallery Art Corridor.jpg

The exterior of the home prioritizes durability through material selection and detailing while line, scale and proportionality nod toward a modern evolution of the classic beach cottage. A hybrid steel and wood structure allows for the use of a cost-effective wood piling foundation in the floodplain, while steel components allowed for large unbraced open areas and overhangs in the high wind zone.

Surf Gallery Exterior Full.jpg

Material choices such as Marvin Ultrex® fiberglass window and door cladding, fiber cement siding, ipe hardwood and stainless steel components—specially treated and polished to resist corrosion—were all selected to create a highly durable, low maintenance beach home. The modern home’s design called for large expanses of glass for an abundance of natural light and ocean views, while still offering impact resistance from the harsh coastal environment.

Surf Gallery Living Room.jpg

With just as much care afforded to exterior material choices, the interior of the home was designed to reflect calmness and minimalism that would allow the art and ocean views to shine. From the light floors to crisp white walls and neutral color palette, every inch of this unique beach home was planned around the enjoyment of coastal views and stunning artwork.

Name: Surf Gallery House
Location: Wrightsville Beach, NC
Architect: Michael Ross Kersting and Toby Keeton, Kersting Architecture
Builder: Doster Construction
Dealer/Distributor: The Coastal Window & Door Center

Marvin Products Used:
Elevate Casement
Elevate Specialty Shapes
Elevate Outswing French Door
Elevate Sliding French Door
Elevate Awning

The Surf Gallery House was a winner in the 2017 Red Diamond Achiever Awards.

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