An unexpectedly contemporary addition connects two existing houses to create the ultimate in multi-style living.

Two existing traditional white-clapboard houses are melded with a distinctly fresh, contemporary addition of about 1,500 square feet in this unique project in Owls Head, Maine. As a counterpoint to the traditional white clapboard siding on the original houses, wide boards of unfinished Eastern white cedar flowing vertically were chosen to give the new addition it’s own contemporary feel. Marrying old and new, this addition also helps bridge the gap between the homeowners’ competing visions.

Gallery Addition 2.jpg

A particular creative challenge was posed by the disparate wishes of the owners: He wanted “all walls” to display their extensive art collection and she wanted “all glass” for natural light and views of the water. Marvin Elevate Collection windows and doors were specified in Pebble Grey to meld with the soon-to-be weathered cedar, and the balance of natural light and wall space proved to be the perfect combination for the homeowners.

Gallery Addition 3.jpg

The clean design and sharp detailing of the Elevate Casement, Awning and Double Hung windows, along with an Inswing French Door and Sliding Patio Door, enable views of the surrounding landscape while staying true to the contemporary stylings of the addition. Easy access to the patio helps connect living spaces and bring the outdoors in, and corner window assemblies provide panoramic waterfront views that are as artistic as the paintings on the walls.

Gallery Addition 4.jpg
Gallery Addition 5

Project Highlights
Name: Gallery Addition
Location: Owls Head, ME
Architect: John W. Priestley, 3rd, Priestley + Associates Architecture
Builder: Albertson Builders, Tom Albertson
Dealer/Distributor: EBS Building Supplies/AW Hastings

Marvin Products Used:
Elevate Casement
Elevate Awning
Elevate Double Hung
Elevate Inswing French Door
Elevate Sliding Patio Door

Gallery Addition was a winner in the 2017 Red Diamond Achiever Awards.

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