When a trip to the islands just isn’t in the cards, consider a one-way trip to the tropics with resort-inspired decor. 

The doldrums of winter are a popular time for vacations to lush destinations where the sun is shining and the juice is fresh-squeezed, but not everyone can jet off for a warm getaway. A growing trend in interior design offers a solution—a personalized paradise achieved with tropical-inspired decor that brings the resort to you.

Whether you’re landlocked or coastal, urban or suburban, here are a few ways to infuse island vibes into your home.

Incorporate deep greens and palm-like plants for a pop of lush color. Though you might not have a jungle view, palm-like plants like Amazon Elephant’s Ear or Monstera can transport your decor to another land. For a look with less commitment, consider a few leaf clippings in a vase as an alternative to flowers. A pop of deeply saturated green in furniture—especially in lush fabrics like velvet—evokes a tropical feel, and leafy prints on walls will remind you of greener places.


Bring the outdoors in for easy entertaining. Though you might not have deck-side drink service, consider ways to create easy access from the indoors to become the ultimate host. Whether it’s a sliding door, a set of French doors you can swing open to let the breeze in, or a custom bi-fold window for a cabana-like feel, an open view will make you feel like you’re on vacation all year long.

Go bold with prints, patterns and fabric. Be playful with wallpaper, rug and fabric choices to infuse a sense of fun and adventure into your lounging spaces. Consider blue and green tones reminiscent of the ocean, or earthy brown tones that feel beachy and grounded.

Create texture with natural fabrics and warm wood tones. Generous use of mixed wood and natural fibers like cotton and raffia imbue an instant resort feel. Touches of bamboo and rattan in furniture or lighting, and a feeling of reclaimed or repurposed furniture, can seem exotic and are a good foil to more luxurious elements. Play off of window and door finishes to create a mixed material, mixed wood look.

Tropical getaways are the ultimate way to relax, unwind and recharge—and we’re in favor of any trend that brings a hint of vacation to everyday life.

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