From lights to paint to plumbing, notable new product introductions at IBS centered on home automation and smart home features.  

At the 2018 International Builders’ Show, the keyword was “smart.” Not just smart design or innovative products, but introductions that embraced automated features and integration with voice-activated home assistants and mobile apps to make building and living in a home easier than ever.

Builders had a chance to interact with our new Marvin Home Automation offering, representing the first fully concealed Lock Status Sensor for windows and doors on the market. As homeowners are increasingly looking for smart solutions to be built into their home experience, this lock status sensor provides peace of mind without any unsightly components or limitations on integration with home security systems.

We also showed an expansive Ultimate Multi-Slide Door from the Marvin Signature Collection—with Sliding Door Automatic Control, allowing the glass wall to open, close and retract into the wall at the push of a button.

Ultimate Multi Slide Door with Remote.png

We certainly weren’t the only exhibitors showing brand new, on-trend smart home solutions. Here’s what caught our eye.

Brilliant Control: The Brilliant Control is a smart lighting solution that connects to other smart home products for touch, voice and motion control directly from a small wall panel that replaces an existing light switch. The Wi-Fi connected device has Amazon Alexa Voice Services built in, and connects with a mobile app to easily control light functions within the home. We love that the control is available in a warm wood tone to match other home items like windows and doors.

Brilliant Control Panel.png

Belkin Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant: Belkin introduced a new smart water management system, Phyn Plus, that alerts homeowners immediately when a water leak is detected, automatically shuts off water in a catastrophe and diagnoses potential plumbing problems before they become a bigger issue. A single device in a single location, Phyn eliminates the need for multiple sensors and connects to existing Wi-Fi so no additional hub is needed. We know how important it is to protect a home against water damage, and this is an exciting new option for builders and homeowners alike.

Belkin Phynn App.jpg

Eaton Home Automation Hub: Eaton’s home automation hub is a one-stop-shop gateway for the connected home. Designed to put automation and energy management in one convenient app, the device allows homeowners and installers to integrate other smart home devices such as Nest thermostats, Amazon Echo and sensor systems like Marvin’s Lock Status Sensor that are designed to work with open security systems. Talk about convenience!

Eaton Home Automation Hub.jpg

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer: Sherwin-Williams showed that paint can have a technological edge too, with a smart device app that pairs with a specially-designed ColorSnap Match paint color matching device. If you’ve ever wanted to match the color of a decor item or an existing wall perfectly, this app lets you scan an item and identify a Sherwin-Williams paint color to find the closest match possible.

Sherwin Williams ColorSnap.png

To learn more about what builders and show-goers noticed at the International Builders’ Show, watch this video from Matt Risinger and our friends at The Journal of Light Construction

Ultimate Multi Slide Door with Remote.png
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