As 2017 comes to a close, we take a look at the trends that inspired us and those that have us excited to greet 2018 with open arms (and open windows).

Over the past year, there was no shortage of design inspiration, especially when it came to sharing ideas and finding inspiration on sites like Houzz and Pinterest. Styles merged, movements swept the nation and dark interior finishes continued to reign. We’ve kept our eye on the trends, and we’re looking at how some of the most popular themes will morph and evolve to define 2018’s design mood.

5 Trends That are Here to Stay

Mixed Window Finishes: Forget about traditional design rules—the mixed window finishes trend popularized a bold look created by painting a window sash and frame in contrasting colors. Driven by the resurgence of the industrial-chic aesthetic and black steel factory windows, dark sashes with light frames create thin, clean lines and contrasts that frame your view.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 11.28.49 AM

Big Doors: This year was all about opening up views and adding architectural drama with big doors. Whether it be a folding glass wall or a multi-slide configuration, walls in all areas of the country were being opened anywhere from breweries to restaurants to homes.

Modern Farmhouse Style: Characterized by shiplap walls, white interiors and modern-meets-rustic touches, modern farmhouse style doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Savvy builders and homeowners are putting modern twists on classic style with oversized double hung windows that bring a floor to ceiling view.

Family Farmhouse 1

Hygge: Along with wondering how to pronounce this Scandinavian trend, everyone in 2017 wanted to know how they too could capture the happy feelings the Danish harbor about their homes and the little things in life, otherwise known as “Hygge.” Small decor changes and an attention to warm and inviting details marked the pursuit of homespun pleasures permeating many facets of design.

View into a home from an outdoor living space with cafe lights, looking in on large swinging patio doors.

Transitional Homes and Design Personalization: In the age of Houzz and Pinterest, an unprecedented online buzz has inspired an openness to merging distinctly different design styles. The fast growing “transitional” movement pays homage to contemporary and traditional styles—creating a hybrid look that is fresh, familiar and uniquely tailored to a homeowner’s personal tastes.

5 Trends We’re Watching in the New Year

Wood Tones and Warm Finishes: In another mixed finishes trend, wood is making a resurgence as a material that can be mixed in the home to bring in layers and texture. Beyond creating warmth, wood elements help bring nature inside, creating a connection to the natural world. We’re confident this Japanese and Scandinavian design-inspired trend will be seen on windows and doors, ceilings, furniture, countertops and more.

2662- Shorefront Camp Interior-2

Simplicity, and Vanishing Sightlines: We’re predicting that the new year will bring narrower frames, bigger glass, contrasting colors and simple hardware that transform traditional-looking windows into architectural statements that ooze simplicity. Streamlined and clutter-free will be keywords and a minimizing of “stuff” in the new year will create a sense of calmness and openness in the home.

Rounded Corners: This year saw a softening of hard lines and corners, and as the home of the round top window, we can’t wait to see the resurgence of rounded windows and doors in interiors—from commercial to residential—in both traditional and more modern designs, for a smooth, elegant and minimalist look.


Living with PurposeBoth Inside and Outside the Home: Evident in rumblings about a new lifestyle trend that could give Hygge a run for its money, the Japanese concept of “Ikigai,” or “reason for being” has entered the scene. This lifestyle manifesto mirrors a more deliberate approach to design, thinking about the form and function of each element in a home and the ultimate purpose they serve in creating a space that simply feels good.

The Art and Science of Light: Managing light intentionally and considering the contribution it makes to a home or a project’s overall design aesthetic will be important as the conversation about healthy homes unfolds. We think the importance of light for well-being will be central to all areas of the home, and particularly spaces that are meant to help us unwind, unplug or meditate.

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