From home automation to new options for design personalization, our booth, W2529, at IBS 2018 will showcase product introductions that offer choice to homeowners and ease to builders.

It’s an exciting time in design—a time when clients are demanding more from building solutions. Conversations with our best customers and research in the field shows our customers are looking for solutions that allows them to elevate their craft, and we’re delivering with four new product introductions that make builders better builders.

Marvin Home Automation – Lock Status Sensor
It’s tricky to talk about our new Lock Status Sensor because you can’t see it, but that is exactly what makes it so innovative. Our Lock Status Sensor is the only solution on the market that is completely concealed, giving homeowners peace of mind by indicating whether their windows and doors are closed and locked or unlocked without sacrificing their beauty. We didn’t rush to get this product to market—we wanted it to work for homeowners and also for the builders installing it—and we wanted it to be affordable. For approximately $100 a window and less than $200 for a door, it can be added to nearly every Marvin product, and integrates with a variety of home automation and smart home security systems.

Marvin Gallery Collection Hardware
Finishing touches are what leave everlasting impressions. We introduced our new curated Gallery Hardware collection to give our customers even more options for personalization. Our customers are design-savvy and they use hardware choices to define the design style of a door. The collection is made up of hand-selected pieces in a range of different styles from four renowned manufacturers: Ashley Norton, Baldwin, Bouvet and Rocky Mountain Hardware—chosen based on feedback from trend-setting architects and designers to reflect what homeowners are looking for today. This collection makes it easy to find hardware that elevates the aesthetics and functionality of any Marvin door.

Marvin Essential Collection Dark Interior Finishes
White interior finishes no longer reign, which is why we expanded our interior finish options coming off the heels of successful launches for our Marvin lines. Catering to what homeowners want, we’re releasing interior finishes for the Marvin Essential Collection fiberglass windows to complement the existing Stone White finish. New interior finishes include Ebony and Bronze, and will be available February 2018 for windows and June 2018 for sliding doors. Dark interior finishes allow windows to either stand out or disappear depending on design goals—especially considering trends like mixed finishes and steel factory windows that make a statement with bold, dark lines.


Mulling Solutions
We know people want big window walls. What many manufacturers are missing is how difficult it can be to mull in the field—it requires a lot of work for a builder and is costly labor. We’re expanding mulling options to meet their needs, getting more done in the factory and simplifying their steps in the field so they can be the hero for their clients. Our products and services include certification for multiple project needs, a breadth of options and design fulfillment—including a new Marvin contemporary and full frame 3/8″ MRF for narrower sightlines without compromising on performance.

Now, we can certify larger Marvin assemblies—and as of spring 2018—window walls too large to fit on a truck will be delivered in large sub-assemblies with all necessary components included and cut to length for efficient assembly on-site.

Modern Cedar Addition 1

Visit Marvin at booth W2529 at the International Builders’ Show to learn more.

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Marvin is a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated business, headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota, with more than 5,500 employees across 15 cities in North America. The Marvin portfolio of products for builders, architects and homeowners is designed to provide exceptional solutions for any project with a focus on creating better ways of living. Marvin products are distributed nationally through a network of independent dealers and are also exported internationally. Visit to learn more.

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