When Marvin’s new Designer Black painted interior finish meets Room & Board’s cultivated cool home furnishings, it’s hard to not be inspired by the potential of a classic color. 

An all-black window or door can add instant drama and sophistication to any space, whether it’s a contemporary dining room, a modern classic bedroom, or a transitional living room. Now that our Marvin Elevate and Essential Collections of windows and doors are available in black, a beautiful dark interior finish can be accomplished on any project. Which room best fits your style? We challenge you to pick just one.

  1. Room & Board Corbett Dining Table
  2. Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide Door in Designer Black
  3. Room & Board Lira Chair in Leather
  4. Room & Board Aurora Dome Pendant Light
  5. Room & Board Franz Kline Artwork
  6. Marvin Door Hardware in Matte Black
  7. Marvin Ultimate Casement Narrow Frame in Designer Black with Matte Black Hardware
  8. Room & Board Marie Dining Chairs in Leather
  9. Room & Board Slim Bookcase in Yellow
  1. Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold Door in Designer Black
  2. Room & Board Calvin Bed
  3. Room & Board Horizon Plaid Throw in Ocean
  4. Marvin Ultimate Double Hung G2 Window with Hardware in Matte Black 
  5. Room & Board Mackintosh High Footboard Bed
  6. Marvin Ultimate Double Hung G2 Window in Designer Black
  7. Room & Board Slim Cubby Bench in Natural Steel
  8. Room & Board Grey Ensemble Accent Pillows
  1. Room & Board Foshay Bookcase in Natural Steel
  2. Marvin Ultimate Awning Window in Designer Black
  3. Room & Board Natural Cowhide Pillow
  4. Room & Board Stowe Wall Shelf
  5. Room & Board Kleinreid Sur Vases
  6. Marvin Ultimate Sliding French Door in Designer Black
  7. Room & Board Hess Leather Sectional
  8. Marvin Door Hardware in Matte Black
  9. Room & Board Unity Basket
Posted by:Marvin

Marvin is a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated business, headquartered in Warroad, Minnesota, with more than 5,500 employees across 15 cities in North America. The Marvin portfolio of products for builders, architects and homeowners is designed to provide exceptional solutions for any project with a focus on creating better ways of living. Marvin products are distributed nationally through a network of independent dealers and are also exported internationally. Visit Marvin.com to learn more.

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