Expansive windows celebrate natural light in a northern climate

Scandinavian design is everywhere. You likely encounter this popular style throughout the course of the day, perhaps unknowingly. So what is it that makes this design so popular? It’s the simple, modern elements that elegantly combine fit and function. One stunning home in particular, based in a similarly Nordic-like climate in the northern U.S., serves as an ideal example of all that is celebrated in Scandinavian design.

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, this Nordic-inspired home is designed to adapt to a northern climate that seasonally varies from arctic to tropical. In a part of the country where the scarcity of light in the winter contrasts with the abundance of light in the summer, the home’s design strives to capture the light in the same way that homes in Norway have for generations.


The distinct nature of the northern latitudes gave early inhabitants a deep appreciation of light, which became an essential element of psychological survival when seasons shift and darkness prevails. To that end, the home’s Nordic theme incorporates Integrity windows and doors to maximize the light and views year-round, while maintaining privacy for the owners. Integrity All Ultrex windows and doors complement the home’s contemporary style while also providing energy-efficiency, durability and low maintenance.


As with many Scandinavian-inspired designs, the home’s shape, size and materials were also driven by sustainability. Marvin and the builder of the home worked with Scherer Brothers Lumber to source local and regional materials, including the windows and doors that were created especially for this project.


Existing oak trees on the property further inspired the design vision. Several Integrity All Ultrex casement and awning windows frame the dramatic view of a canopy of oaks to the west and east. The result is a striking home, where the light is allowed to bounce from floor to ceiling uniting the outdoors with the indoors.


Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

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Posted by:The Marvin Family of Brands

The Marvin Companies is a third- and fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business, headquartered in Warroad, Minn. with more than 5,200 employees across 10 cities throughout the United States. The Marvin Family of Brands represents Marvin's fenestration portfolio, which includes Marvin Windows and Doors and its handcrafted wood and wood clad products that are made to order; Integrity Windows and Doors, which pioneered the fiberglass window category with the introduction of its patented Ultrex® fiberglass material; and Infinity Replacement Windows, which offers homeowners a premier line of Ultrex replacement windows with distinctive design. Marvin and its Family of Brands are distributed nationally through a network of independent dealers and are also exported internationally. Visit Marvin.com to learn more.

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